Help kids in school find success through our tutoring and study space. Find and build skills and passions with personalized curriculum in everything (think: video game design, make up & fashion, journalism, and way more). Provide alternatives to school that allow an inspired non-schooling experience (that leads to the same credits all the other kids get). And much more. We serve you, and we design services that work for your needs, understanding that each child is unique.   DISCOVER >










Meet the Tutor: Kurtis Baute

Why do you think it is important for students to be computer/technology literate? Being computer literate today is as important as it was to be literate for students 30 years ago. Why? Many common jobs are vanishing, and getting replaced by computer programs and...

Programming at BrainBoost

So many of our daily activities and interactions are structured by programming. Knowledge of programming, even at a basic level, can be very helpful for children and adults alike! Starting at a young age helps students build up problem solving skills, logical...

BrainBoost Stories: Tallin Gray

Tallin Gray (8) has a passion for creating videos and making people smile! He comes to BrainBoost for advice and help on all things YouTube. What do you do in session with Kurtis? I do filmmaking! I make awesomeness videos! Video making is awesome and Kurtis is...

Meet the Tutor: Rhonda Stone

With 13 years of teaching experience, Rhonda knows how to get you through the hard stuff! She specializes in Montessori teaching, Math 6-12, Science 6-10, Chemistry 11, and Biology 11/12. When she’s not busy blowing your mind, or blowing up things in chemistry, Rhonda...

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