Help kids in school find success through our tutoring and study space. Find and build skills and passions with personalized curriculum in everything (think: video game design, make up & fashion, journalism, and way more). Provide alternatives to school that allow an inspired non-schooling experience (that leads to the same credits all the other kids get). And much more. We serve you, and we design services that work for your needs, understanding that each child is unique.   DISCOVER >




Earthquake Drill

On March 1st, BrainBoost ran a successful earthquake drill. Every student and employee had received training and instructions in advance, and then we put our skills to the test. Our fire alarm served as our simulated earthquake, and when it rang BrainBoosters had been...

Learn All About BrainBoost!

  We are holding an Information Night for our 2016/2017 program on Wednesday, May 11, 7-8 p.m.  We will answer your questions about our full time program, the wide range of classes we offer, and life in the BrainBoost community. RSVP at...

Build-It Engineering at BrainBoost

In Build-It Engineering everyday objects are opportunities to learn something new. We look at design and manufacturing in contexts that are various and engaging. One week, we will be disassembling a toaster to get a better understanding of the processes and materials...

Biology 12 with Justin!

The human body is a complexly fascinating system.  So why look at it piece by piece?  This year in Biology 12 we’re going to be looking at all of the different things that happen not only within, but to the body.  What happens when you die?  How does diabetes...

Dragon Club

Dragon Club was created to give non-neurotypical children an opportunity to have fun! Sheena McDonald, an Early Childhood Educator, who has years of experience with students with autism, ADHD, and everything in between. As humans, we are constantly learning from our...

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