Help kids in school find success through our tutoring and study space. Find and build skills and passions with personalized curriculum in everything (think: video game design, make up & fashion, journalism, and way more). Provide alternatives to school that allow an inspired non-schooling experience (that leads to the same credits all the other kids get). And much more. We serve you, and we design services that work for your needs, understanding that each child is unique.   DISCOVER >


Meet the Tutor: Emily Duncan

Our STEM team is growing with Emily Duncan joining the BrainBoost crew! Read about her interests, views, and how she feels about the STEM field. There’s a perception that men are “better” at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) generally...

The Maths at BrainBoost

Math at BrainBoost is different, and the way in which it is different has made students embrace this tough subject at BB for years. Sometimes referred to as the ‘secret sauce’, our teachers below try to explain what the BB math magic is all about. General Maths...

Meet the Tutor: Will Munro

Get to know one of our newest humanities team additions, William Munro! Join him for tutoring Monday – Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays!  What sparked your interest in teaching? Well, other than the fact that, really, I just fell backward into it, ironically...

Children’s Hospital Open House

Last month, three BrainBoost students went to the Kids Hospital Research Open House! It was an opportunity to engage in an interactive morning event that offered them the chance to visit research labs, interact with research trainees and participate in research...

Get a Boost!

Get a Boost for your Final Exam! This year we are running a new series of Boosts! Gain the tools to tackle your final exam and strengthen your final marks in those tough courses of Physics 11 and Chemistry 11, as well as our regulars of Math 10, Science 10, Math 11...

Meet the Tutor: Taylor Richardson

Taylor is a key member of the elementary program team! She shares her experiences with younger students and why she loves working with them. What makes the BB Elementary program different than other schools? It’s hard to measure our program against other schools...

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