BrainBoost is an educational services company in Vancouver, B.C. Started in 2002, BrainBoost's mandate is simple: to help humans grow and develop in ways that matter to them. We do that by designing experiences that challenge and inspire. 
  • A small ratio means the material is personalized and progress is monitored.

  • Tutor’s create the approach to content, so that the material is engaging and line up with their passion and expertise.

  • Pods combine demonstrating knowledge, practice and hands-on-work in a low-stress, fun way.

  • Students are supported by a BrainBoost network led by their mentor, the network includes your POD teachers, one-on-one tutors and the study space tutors.

Find a Pod that works for you! Daytime, Weekend, and Afterschool Pods available. Check out the classes page!

Our one-on-one tutoring allows students to be taught in ways that match their learning style and personality. The environment is focused, spcific, and provides students with the strategized help that is content specific to help them where they need it most. Click here to learn more about tutoring.

We tutor 9am to 9pm every weekday and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays!

Check out the BrainBoost tutoring team


Our After-School Study Centre is open Monday to Thursday from 3:30-7:00pm.

A slightly pared down version of our study centre, with homework help, practice testing, academic coaching, and much more is also open M-Th, 9.00am-3.30pm; Fri, 10am-4pm; and, Sat 11am-3pm (with a High-Performance Math Focus).

The bottom line is, you can drop-in for support whenever you need it. We're open over 50 hours each and every week!


Our Study Space Team shares study tips and tricks and explores the way we learn: 

Prepare for your Final Exams and Provincails in Math, Science, Socials, and English!


  • Math 8: Sat 10am-1pm May 31st & June 7th
  • Math 9: Sat 2pm- 5pm May 31st & June 7th
  • Math 10: Sun 10am-1pm June 1st & June 8th
  • Math 11: Sun 2pm-5pm June 1st & June 8th
  • Science 10: Sat 2pm-6pm June 7th & June 14th
  • Socials 11: Sat 10am-1pm May 31st & June 7th
  • English 12: Sun 2pm-5pm June 8th & June 15th


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