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Each child is unique. We employ a personalized approach to learning.

Same Problem, Different Solutions

At BrainBoost, we have a clarity of purpose that works to achieve your study goals. We are sensitive to individual needs and we deliver outcomes that get you the results you want.

Our approach

Meet the Brainboost Team

We bring in an exceptional staff to work with our students.

Meet the team

Summer at BrainBoost

Summer at BrainBoost is your one-stop shop for summer learning, and a surefire way to get you where you’re going

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BrainBoost Education

A group of dedicated individuals, from all walks of life, determined to provide a relevant and meaningful education to each and every student.


Our classes are fun and deep. Kids love them! Some are for credit, some are not; and, all of our classes are very small and customized to the interests and needs of the students. We have classes for kids of all ages! Click to browse our catalog of current courses.


Study Space

Our study space lets students drop in to complete homework, study for tests, and do projects. We’ve got one tutor for each five kids, so you can get help just when you need it, in any subject.


Our one-on-one tutoring sessions are awesome! We focus on student goals, so you can increase your grade, enrich your mind, fill a hole in your knowledge, create a personal project….OR all of the above! We teach everything, and our tutoring works.

“Do a Course” in a Group Class


$1950 per course or $2400 for the course + study space

We make getting a credit meaningful and fun. Students meet each week for 2 hours, and then work outside of class for a few hours (at home, or in our study space). Each week, we address a topic from the course, and build the skills and abilities that are needed to kick butt in that topic.

Have a look at our afterschool courses, or suggest your own! We build courses for as little as two students.


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Enrich the mind and body with our afterschool minipods

Our team is our biggest asset

Our team makes us who we are: compassionate, brainy, diverse and fun! The dedicated people who work at BrainBoost come from all walks of life, bringing their passions and talent to tutoring sessions, classes and study space. Learning happens when you’re having fun, and our team knows the importance of just that.



Ivey is a BrainBoost virtuoso who loves her off-curriculum humanities sessions and the opportunities she gets to work on life transitions with students.


Martin teaches math, science, and chemistry, and lives for that “Aha! Eureka!” moment when the kids just get it. He has a healthy sense of curiosity and compassion about the world and is always seeking to connect with the cool people who are part of it.


Chris makes the curriculum more exciting and engaging for students and is always finding creative ways to help students get more out of their learning.


Jessy is a power house director at BrainBoost, making sure that everything runs smoothly. She also believes strongly in the power of the breath and tries to teach all her students how to use their breath to access a calm and clear mind.


Jana adds magic to BrainBoost, working hard for her secondary students. She also enjoys working with young minds and students who have had difficulties with traditional instruction. When she isn’t behind a camera snapping pictures, she can be found passionately watching NBA games, relaxing to music, or quietly reading a book.


Sure, Matt is a director at BrainBoost, but he also is a researcher and a nerd, a chatterbox and teacher, engaging the worlds of philosophy, psychology, economics, and education psychology.


Morie is a champion for children’s literacy, supporting learning both at BrainBoost, and across oceans and continents. She has a contagious enthusiasm for reading and writing and tries myriad methods to create engagement with kids.


Michaela tutors a hodgepodge of subjects, but she’s always had a nerdy soft spot for math. She loves the instant gratification that comes from finally solving a challenging problem! Overall, she loves to see her students believe in themselves, and trust in their own abilities.


Ashleigh is a smooth operator, which means she helps the whole Hub run smoothly. If you have a tasty snack, can find great resources, or caught the latest news, you probably got it from Ashleigh.


John is inspired by exploring literature with students, sharing his interest in Homer, Sappho, Sophocles, Robert Bly, Virginia Woolf, John Steinbeck, Richard Adams, as well as other writer’s.


Mark teaches math and sciences at BrainBoost in the hopes of instilling his own enthusiasm for learning in his students.

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