Help kids in school find success through our tutoring and study space. Find and build skills and passions with personalized curriculum in everything (think: video game design, make up & fashion, journalism, and way more). Provide alternatives to school that allow an inspired non-schooling experience (that leads to the same credits all the other kids get). And much more. We serve you, and we design services that work for your needs, understanding that each child is unique.   DISCOVER >










Course Catalogue

BrainBoost is growing, and part of that growth is our selection of courses. For the school year of 2016/2017 we are offering more courses than ever before: courses that fulfill the provincial academic requirements, such as English and Science, but also courses that...

Speaker Series

Throughout this past year, Brainboost has played host to a variety of guest speakers as a part of our ongoing Lunchtime Speaker Series. The Series offered a platform for professionals from all walks of life to come and share their experiences with our community....

BrainBoost Stories: Moriah

Meet Moriah! Moriah (17), Kits High school, started coming because of the Exam Boost and then she took Pre Calc 12 in the summerI Why did you want to take math over the summer? I just wanted to get it done! I didn’t want to worry about it throughout the year. Math is...

Salmon Day 2016

Salmon Day took place on April 13th after school at Spanish Banks and was more than a success, with the help and contributions from the BrainBoost Community; our cooking class, leadership class and one key person in charge of the entire event, Markie Giammarino. Fifty...

Study Groups

Do you have a final exam that could give your grade a much needed bump? Are you going to review before the exam with other classmates to help you prepare? Join one of our Ask Me Anything: Study Groups where you and other students taking the same course can ask...

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