Who We Are

BrainBoost is a small educational services company operating out of Vancouver, BC. Started in 2002, BrainBoost’s mandate is simple: to help humans grow and develop in ways that matter to them. We do that by designing experiences that challenge and inspire. We find out what our students are passionate about and we go from there. Our one-to-one tutoring, with flexible tutors, allows people to be taught in ways that match their learning style and personality.

Our Team

A group of dedicated individuals, from all walks of life, determined to provide a relevant and meaningful education to each and every student. An ever evolving organism, situated at the nexus of education, psychology and technology, and real life. We are committed to providing education and learning to students in a way that gets them involved in the process and motivates them to achieve their goals, whatever shape those may take. Accepting individuals for being individual is what we do best.

What Makes Us Different

The BrainBoost recipe has some special ingredients – our approach, methods and people are different from what you will find in other places. Unlike your Grandma, we share the secret, and present to you the top ten reasons why we are special.

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3355 West Broadway – #240 Vancouver, BC V6R 2B1