Ashley MacLeod

Ashley enjoys the idea that “the world is words”: We are all continually reading, writing and listening ourselves into existence. She is passionate about new and creative approaches to literature and humanities learning, and she brings the wonder of language into her lessons. With a UBC degree in Literature and Counselling Psychology in her backpack, Ashley worked with mental health in marginalized populations in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community, but always maintained her involvement in the Arts and Literary field. Additionally, she is a beekeeper by trade and recently returned from Costa Rica where she spearheaded and established a community-based educational beekeeping operation. Drawing upon these diverse experiences, Ashley teaches her students critical and compassionate thinking and writing, guiding the students in their search for their own expression and identity. Ashley doesn’t only teach though – she is also a learner and is currently completing the UBC BEd. Program. Ashley strives to create a safe and supportive learning environment so that students feel safe to share their ideas, think outside the box and take creative risks that result in engaged learning, rooted in the process and journey of experience.