The Campaign: Junior

Do you enjoy delving into the depths of your imagination?  Aiding team mates in battle or secretly sabotaging them behind their backs? If you replied YES! and are between the ages of 9-12, then this campaign is for you! Join our “Dungeon-Master” Brittany and your fellow comrades on this epic quest to find dangerous wizards, cranky dragons and piles and piles of loot!
In this POD students practice social skills and solve problems creatively in a safe space. Students will use role play, their numeracy skills and imaginations to bring the Campaign to life.  In this wondrous and fictional land filled with fantasy creatures, powerful magic, and cunning villains, what will you and your adventurers do to survive?


Your Teacher – Brittany Bell

Brittany Bell graduated from UBC with a degree in English Literature, and then later from UBCO with an Education degree, specializing in Elementary. Experienced teaching the K-7 B.C. curriculum, Brittany takes particular enjoyment in presenting material in creative and engaging ways. She spent the summer as a wacky science teacher, using air pressure to launch rockets and creating slime out of household products. Sunny and enthusiatic, Brittany delights in word puns, stories, and learning new things. She believes that every child is a learner, and that learning should be fun. When not voraciously reading, Brittany enjoys creating elaborate origami sculptures, strumming on her ukulele, delving into video games, and seeking out nature.



How much does it cost?

When is it?
Fridays 1-3

What are the dates?
Full Year: September 8 – June 23

What ages is it appropriate for?
9 – 12



Contact us to sign up

Students may withdraw up to 14 days after the start of the pod and receive a full refund for the class minus the cancellation fee of $100. After that time, the fees are non-refundable.