Jessy Giammarino

Jessy Giammarino is a director and case-manager at BrainBoost. With a B.A. in English from the University of British Columbia and 3 years experience teaching Yoga, Jessy specializes in literacy and how stress and anxiety affect a student’s ability to learn. Jessy believes strongly in the importance of organization and structure to help students gain control of their academic life and mental sanity. With the help of our tutors, she is currently developing a company-wide organizational system that assists students in implementing a daily system of managing their never-ending things-to-do. As well, Jessy believes strongly in the power of the breath and tries to teach all her students how to use their breath to access a calm and clear mind. Jessy respects and cherishes her students’ differences and strives to be a strong and calming force in their lives in order to help them achieve their great potential.