Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10 is an introduction to the abstract world of mathematics. Students are required to reach a deeper understanding of algebra, linear functions and trigonometry, and so in this course Sam aims to frame these topics in both a practical and intriguing context. Students of this course should be expecting a challenge, and be prepared to meet this challenge with a commitment to working hard in and out of the classroom. Sam has a personal passion for viewing the world through a mathematical lens, and values the opportunity to share this insight with his students. There is no guarantee that taking this course will change your life, but maybe we’ll figure out the probability of such an outcome together.


Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • small, focused classes
  • students earn high school credits*
  • customized content to fit the needs of each student

*students register with an online school who administers the course and grants the credits

Math 10 is beneficial for

  • kids who want a spare block next year


Math 10


How much does it cost?


When is it?

10 – 4pm

What are the dates?

July 3rd – August 3rd

What ages is it appropriate for?

15 – 17

What credits can be earned?

Math 10

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To be eligible for credit for this class, students must be enrolled in an accredited distance learning program.
Students may withdraw up to 7 days after the start of the pod and receive a full refund for the class minus the cancellation fee of $100. After that time, the fees are non-refundable. 

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