How did you get into teaching? Tell me about your teaching style.
I’ve been a teacher since I was 16! I started teaching swimming lessons to kids of all ages and was a lifeguard/swim instructor for 7 years. Those great experiences laid the groundwork for becoming a full teacher. I really like explaining concepts in a casual way. Many teachers use technical words and jargon, but often ideas can be better explained when normal words are used!

Students come to Catchup with a ton of different subjects – how do you juggle so many subjects at once? Do you have a favourite subject to teach?
I’ve got a wide breadth of knowledge and a real interest in learning, so I usually know most answers, and if I don’t, I love to look it up and find out! I also took both Science and Arts in University, so I received a pretty rounded education on all topics. My favourite subject to teach is Chemistry or Math, because it’s awesome to see when a student gets that “lightbulb moment”.

Spring Break is supposed to be for vacation and rest, why should someone come to Catchup?
Rest and vacation is what the second week is for! But seriously, Catchup is a great way to get back on top of things. If you can get caught up or work ahead, it makes school that much easier when you return!

What’s the vibe like in Study Space during Spring Break? What makes it different than normal Study Space?

The vibe during Spring Break is pretty relaxed but also very efficient! Having a couple hours of structured time to finish work means that a lot gets done, and that’s a good feeling. I’ve seen students finish whole units during the week!