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March 18th – 22nd, 9pm-5pm


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March 18th – 22nd, 9pm-5pm


Wipe out the homework stress!

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Hauora Health and Brain Boost have teamed up to provide a therapeutic exercise class.

Wednesdays 4-5 & 5-6

BrainBoost Education

Learning Designed for You

Full-Time Program

Individually Tailored

Experience a program that is built around your passions. Our full-time programs blend credit courses, unique electives and an immersive community to foster a love of lifelong learning.

Part-Time & After-School Services

Specific Classes

Soar through classes and create a deeper understanding and relate school topics to the real world, rather than just learning the textbook.

Study Space

Enjoy a learning environment like no other! Our study space is designed so you won’t just get your homework done, but also prepare for tests and organize your student life.


Learn from a tutor who will help you do more than pass a class, giving you the ability to understand and apply course information on a deeper level.

Why Study with Us?

Brain Boost is unlike any other school you have attended.

Our programs are designed for the student, not the grade-level. Our teachers focus on learning for life, not memorizing for the moment. Our students are excited for the start—not the end—of every single school day.

“I remember the first time I came to BrainBoost and I’d never really been to school before. I was kinda worried about what people would think about me. But when I started going here I started to see that it doesn’t matter. I can be who I want to be…”


“I think every kid should go to a BrainBoost because you’re never alone. There’s some kids that thrive in high school, and there’s a lot of kids that don’t thrive in high school, and there should be places for kids that don’t thrive in high school. They should feel as accepted as the other kids. That’s why there should be more BrainBoosts.”


“I learned to accept that I’m different and that it’s okay that I learn differently.”


“Teachers don’t always have that much time to help you outside of class, so for the people who have more individualized learning, it’s nice to have somewhere to go, outside of school, for help. It’s nice to know to know you can come somewhere and have that support!”


“At BrainBoost you have such a close relationship with your tutors and the staff, so people actually know you and care about you. I’m very musical. I love singing, dancing and I’m very theatrical. When I came here the tutors would say “Well, you know how have to push yourself to be a better dancer by working through a hard step?” They made connections to my personal life. They made each task super relevant to me.”


Our Secret Sauce

People ask us all the time what makes BrainBoost different than a “regular” school, not knowing that they are part of the answer. Our approach to learning comes from an understanding that when our students succeed, we succeed. At BrainBoost every student is treated as an individual who has needs and interests that are their very own, leaving no student behind.

A Team That Cares

We’d like you to meet our diverse set of teachers, staff and fellow learners. Our instructors comes from all walks of life—they’re interesting, engaging and really care about what you need as an individual.

No Set “Formula”

Snoozing your alarm until 10 am? We get it. Not every student fits the 9 am – 3 pm, four
courses-a-term model that typical schools offer. That’s why your program at BrainBoost will be built to be uniquely you.

Dedicated Case Managers

We know that changing instructors every class and term is not ideal – by the time you get to know them, it’s time to move on. That’s why at BrainBoost we have a tight-knit team and a dedicated case manager for every student.

Ready to See if BrainBoost is the Right Fit?

The best way to know if joining the BrainBoost family is the right choice for you is to contact one of our learning advisors.

Give us a call at (604) 723-0904, reach us at [email protected], or leave your information below.

We look forward to meeting you!

Open House

February 20th
7:00- 8:00 PM
@ BrainBoost

Contact Us

One of our learning advisors would love to hear your story and start the path to designing a program that suits your needs.

Leave your information below and our team will be in touch shortly!


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