Pre-Calculus Math 11

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Pre-Calculus 11 opens the door and lays the foundation for upper level math, science and engineering. In this course, you will build on the topics of Math 10, like factoring, linear functions, systems of equations and trigonometry, and learn interesting ways to apply these concepts to new problems. The course focuses on the relationship between graphs and their formulas and you’ll learn the ins and outs of solving, graphing and manipulating functions. In trigonometry, you’ll also be introduced to the ambiguity that arises in math sometimes and how mathematicians (and you!) account for that. One of the main skills you’ll practice in this course is working with the tools you are given to solve a problem or answer a question, which is a skill you can take with you into future math classes or your everyday life.



Your Teacher – Michaela McNeely

Michaela graduated from Quest University, where she explored public health and gender studies. She discovered her passion for sharing knowledge as a peer tutor at Quest, and has never looked back. Outside of school, Michaela also worked with individuals struggling with substance use and homelessness, and learned more than she ever imagined from the amazing people she met. She believes that she has just as much to learn from the students she’ll meet at BrainBoost. Michaela tutors a hodgepodge of subjects,but she’s always had a nerdy soft spot for math. She loves the instant gratification that comes from finally solving a challenging problem! Overall, she loves to see her students believe in themselves, and trust in their own abilities. When she’s not tutoring, you might find Michaela getting cozy in a nook with a nice cup of tea, smiling at strangers, or standing on her head.


How much does it cost?

When is it?
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-3:00 pm

What are the dates?
Term 1: September 6th – January 24th

What ages is it appropriate for?
15 – 17

What credits can be earned?
Pre-Calculus Math 11

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