Paniz Radjaee

Paniz was born in Iran and raised in Canada, where she fell in love with learning about all the little things in the world. With a thirst for knowledge, she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Systems at UBC, a combination of psychology, philosophy, linguistics and computer science, to think about the underlying structure and the pieces of thinking and perception. Paniz loves to share her ideas about the world and ways that humans can self-actualize. She hopes to create an open space where students can follow their interests and see themselves reach those far-out goals. She believes that understanding foundations pays off in the long run, and that anything can be learned with time; the more we work with the student’s skills and interests, the more rewarding the process. When Paniz is not at BrainBoost, she likes to dance, bake yummy (and sometimes not yummy) food, think about big ideas, practice yoga, and sing out loud with her friends.