Distance Learning (DL) is a school where the student and teacher are at a distance from each other.

Education is delivered either online or through paper correspondence.

Credits earned at DL schools are exactly the same as credits earned at ‘brick and mortar’ schools.

DL schooling offers a great opportunity for homeschooled students to transition back into ‘mainstream’ schooling.


Distance Learning for Homeschoolers (Grade 10-12)

1) What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning (DL) is a publicly funded education option from the BC Ministry of Education. It allows students to have a more flexible education with more options and choice for parents.

2) How does it work?

Students and parents fill in an application form for a DL school. The student registers and completes an activation assignment for each class they want to take. This opens the course for them, connects them with a teacher and starts their DL experience. Students access content (lessons, information, assignments) online or in print. They then complete assignments (mostly online) and email them to their teacher who marks them and provides feedback and grades. At the end of the year, each student gets a report card as usual, and has a BC education transcript that is transferable to any other school or university. The credits earned with a DL school are identical to those earned at a brick and mortar school.

3) Regular school, Distance Learning or Homeschooling?

Many families who have homeschooled their children still want them to graduate in a more traditional way, often to make the transition to university smoother. Distance learning through BrainBoost offers the best of homeschooling and regular school. Students can graduate with a Dogwood Diploma from the BC ministry of Education allowing them to apply to university easily. Equally, the flexibility, choice and freedom that comes with DL schooling, coupled with the support and enrichment at BrainBoost, keeps the benefits associated with homeschooling.

4) Where does Brainboost fit in?

Because we are a business rather than a school, we do not issue credits directly. Students can earn credits towards graduation or college credit by working with a variety of distributed learning schools. We provide full support for these courses, helping students achieve their goals in a timely fashion as well as extending and enriching the content provided by distance schools. The main benefit of working with BrainBoost if you have homeschooled your child is that we understand and embrace alternative education. We have designed courses that are project-based and cross-disciplinary such as Pre-Calculus through Computers. In this course, students learn the theories of math and apply them to programming and software design.

Interested in working with BrainBoost?


The BC Ministry of Education has created a resource on DL, including a comparison between Homeschooling and Distance (Distributed) Learning.

Learn Now BC is a BC Ministry funded non-profit organization that provides information on DL schooling, including a course finding tool. This resource also contains the steps required for all BC highschoolers to graduate with a Dogwood Diploma.