Frequently Asked Questions

What sets you apart from other tutoring companies?
  • As well as providing tutoring for students wanting support for the content of their courses, we specialize in students who have a learning disability, chronically underachieve in school, need to be challenged and/or are disengaged with the world and/or school.
  • We come from no specific educational framework, but rather have a student-centred approach that guides the program right from the beginning and informs all changes as they are necessary. We bring in specific teaching frameworks when they are appropriate and change our approach to match the specific need of the student at each point in time.
  • We design personalized programs that help students achieve goals that are relevant and meaningful for their education and life as a whole.
  • We use an iterative process that thrives on feedback; feedback from the student and parents shapes our approach the whole way through, allowing us to make adjustments whenever and wherever they are necessary.
  • Our work is informed by the latest research in learning disabilities, educational psychology, and cognitive science.
  • We don’t just tutor! We offer a variety of programs including: Supported Study Space, full-time* or part-time programs, computer courses, and pods.
Is there any way to access the BrainBoost vibe without paying?
You can take PIPE: Planning 10! Our Planning 10 course is an interactive online experience. It includes game-like graphics, audio and different types of interactive assignments. Interested? Right now the distance learning school EBUS is the only way to take PIPE: Planning 10 and receive credit. We are also actively seeking other online partners to offer this course to a wider audience. Register for the course here or contact us.
Who are your tutors?
  • All tutors have extensive experience working with kids.
  • Many are pursuing a career in an education-related field.
  • All our tutors are avid information seekers and voracious students of the world: they are passionate about many things and have many areas of localized knowledge.
  • All our tutors are trained in the art of one-to-one tutoring, effective communication, educational psychology, and BrainBoost standards.
  • All our tutors care greatly about their students’ success and take ample time to prepare for their sessions. They are also supported by a group of passionate teachers and case managers who help to brainstorm new ideas and solutions.
What is distance learning?
In British Columbia, parents and their children have a choice when it comes to the child’s education between the ‘traditional brick-and-mortar’ school and distance learning school programs. In B.C. there are over 50 different distance learning schools and they all grant credits toward graduation. From traditional math and science courses to creating a personalized directed studies course, the different distance learning schools available to B.C. students offer a wide variety of options outside of brick-and-mortar schools. In grades K-9, it’s usually not possible to take single distance courses while enrolled at a regular school. Once students are in grades 10-12, they can enroll in a single distance learning course even when enrolled in a brick-and-mortar school.

Go to to check out the many courses offered by distance learning providers in BC.

How does BrainBoost support distance learning?
At BrainBoost, our full-time* and part-time programs support and supplement distance learning school programs to provide students with an enhanced learning experience. Students enroll in an accredited distance learning school and simultaneously enroll in one of our full or part time programs. From there, we offer awesome and unique support for students which supplements and enhances their distance learning school program. This support looks a bit different for each student, but it usually involves a combination of subject tutoring, homework help, and student services. For example, the Study Space Full Time program integrates tutoring, homework, and student services in order to provide a supportive learning community that promotes balance and productivity for students. BrainBoost can enhance the course content and works to keep lines of communication open with teachers, advisors, and administrators of distance learning schools.
Is BrainBoost a Distance Learning School or Private School?
BrainBoost is not a distance learning school, a private school or an independent school. We offer tutoring services to all students and full-time* and part-time supplemental programs to students enrolled in distance learning school programs. To be eligible for our full or part-time programs, students must be enrolled in an accredited distance learning program.
Where does the tutoring take place?
The tutoring takes place at BrainBoost’s learning center, The Hub, located at suite #240-3355 West Broadway.

Click here for a map.

What is your payment & cancellation policy?
One-on-one tutoring is $75.00 per hour. In order to secure an ongoing regular spot, we require monthly prepayments, as well as a deposit of $300.00 per weekly session reserved prior to booking.

Payment for PODs (small group classes) is due at the time of booking and serves to reserve your spot in the POD. Individual POD prices vary.

We accept payment by cheque, cash or e-transfer; BrainBoost does not accept credit or debit cards at this time.

On the 23rd of each month clients receive a statement of account by email. This statement will show the amount, if any, owing as of that date, the amount owing for the upcoming month (this is the amount due for prepayment) and the total amount owing for the month beyond that. This allows the client a week in which to make payment prior to the 1st of the upcoming month.

We do not issue refunds for any monthly prepayments or cancelled tutoring services, however we do offer transfers for alternate services. Any credit in a client’s account may be applied towards any BrainBoost products within 6 months of cancellation.

Cancellation with no charge must be made 24 hours prior to the date and time of tutoring session. Cancellations must be made during business hours by phone 604-723-0904 or email [email protected] or online through your BrainBoost Community Account within 24 hours.

There is a $75.00 charge for a late cancellation after the 24 hour deadline.

Even in the event of student sickness, cancellations must still be made at least 24 hours in advance of the session time. In the event of tutor illness, will do our best to find an alternate tutor for that day or reschedule the session; if neither option is possible, the session will be removed from the client’s account and there is no charge.

If a student registers for a POD and then decides to withdraw, the full cost of the class can be refunded (minus a cancellation fee) if it is prior to the start of the POD or within 14 days of the start date of an Academic/For Credit POD or within 7 days of the start date of an After School Fun POD. If a student withdraws from a POD and transfers to another POD, after the tryout time has expired, the same cancellation charges apply to cover the cost of the extra time required by our administration and tutor to integrate the student into the new POD.

If a client’s account has a negative balance, BrainBoost will contact them to create a suitable payment plan that will settle the account. If an account has an outstanding balance of $150.00 or more and we cannot reach the account holder, the tutoring sessions will be cancelled.

I’ve heard about your Exam Boost programs, what are they?
Exam Boosts are a set of exam prep seminars we’ve been holding since 2002. For our MathBoost, there’s a different seminar for Grades 8, 9, 10 and 11. They’re taught by BrainBoost math tutors, who try to infuse the sessions with fun while making them useful and productive. In the past few years, we’ve added SocialsBoost 11 and ScienceBoost 10.

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