Tutoring at BrainBoost Works!


Most students need a blend of conceptual and practical learning. Problems occur when these two understandings aren’t connected. Your teachers at BrainBoost can connect the conceptual ‘why’ and the practical ‘how,’ so that you know what to do and how to do it. We’ll embed that in an understanding of how you learn and how to best ‘play your instrument’ (your brain!). The result is success that matters and lasts.

There’s no magic – just a commitment to hard work and good tutoring – but here’s a few things that make our tutoring so awesome.

Holistic Instruction

  • We teach multiple skills and strategy at the same time.
  • We teach to a student’s strengths while improving their weaknesses.
  • We accomplish short-term goals as we build to a meaningful long-term goal.

Incredible Teachers

  • Our teachers are carefully selected and trained to provide meaningful educational experiences, every time.
  • Some of our teacher have training in education (e.g. certified teacher; masters of education); others are subject specialists (e.g. award winning programmers, professional engineers, published authors). All are gifted and empathetic instructors.

Building Independent Learners

  • We teach so that students have new abilities, and are able to do things they couldn’t do before.
  • Our students learn self-reliance, and how to self-generate strategies and regulate their own learning.
  • We provide just enough help – not too much, not too little – so as to provoke deep learning and intellectual change.

Working with Learning Disabilities

  • We’re comfortable with all learning disabilities and learning styles, and we teach in a way that leverages a student’s strengths.
  • We help kids know how to consciously use their learning differences for their own benefit, and advocate with their teachers for appropriate support.

Using Emotion and Mood for Learning

  • We enjoy working with students who have struggled with social and emotional aspects of learning. Often, they have a deep understanding of the world that can be used to create learning experiences
  • Based on the student’s unique emotional profile, we can design personalized strategies that work!

Mentoring through Building Trust

  • Our students and tutors generally have long and powerful relationships, and students grow to rely on tutors as mentors, whose guidance can support healthy and happy life choices.
  • Our team has a wide variety of life and professional experience they bring to their work.

I’m a visual learner. I have learning disabilities so I have problems processing different stuff. So, it was better to have a more personal connection with the people because then I’m more interested in hearing what they have to say.


BrainBoost Student

The tutors here are special. They really understand what you need to do. My friend, actually, I told her about BrainBoost because her tutor at her house would get really frustrated with her if she wasn’t doing it a certain way. Then, she came here and she was like, “Oh my gosh! These tutors are really different! They don’t get frustrated with me and they give me three different ways to do something and I get to pick!”


BrainBoost Student